Testimony; LaKisha Simpson

My name is LaKisha Simpson and at Faith Clinic Church I am Praise Leader (the singers at the beginning of service), Manager of our Kingdom Resource Center Bookstore, and a member of both our Planning and Board Committees. I also help in other areas of the ministry if needed.

One of the many experiences I've had at Faith Clinic is getting answers to questions I've had, from the Word preached by my Pastor.

For example, there have been times that I was going through some personal issues and I would talk to only God about it and ask Him what to do or how to deal with it. I would go to the next service and through the sermon that was preached by my Pastor, he would provide answers to what I talked to God about. All of this without speaking to my Pastor about what I was dealing with.

That was one way that God showed His love for me; the fact that only God and I knew what I was dealing with and He used my Pastor to reveal His answers to me through the message being preached!


Also I appreciate having Pastors who no matter the change of "the times" they continue preaching the Word of God and not compromising!

I also appreciate the fact that my Pastors pray and study the Word of God and teach the Word in a way that everyone including teenagers and children can understand. That is also really important.