What Is Marriage?

Marriage is a divine institution established by God entered into by two free moral agents of the opposite sex; who enter into a covenant with each other and with God to live together for the rest of their lives with another imperfect person in a manner that will glorify God.”

Couples who partner together to help each other conquer issues that challenge the stability of their marriage strengthens both their marriage and  their commitment to each other.

Marriage Is God’s Idea Not Men:
 When you committed yourselves to each other in the sight of God it became a legal covenant not only to the government, but also to God. You owe it to each other and to God to honor the marriage covenant between you and to do so with joy.

What is a husband’s Role in a Marriage?
A husband’s role is to be a leader, a protector, a provider, and a lover to his wife. As a husband he is also to be her number one supporter and encourager. Lastly, a husband’s role is to help his wife pursue and obtain whatever accomplishments she desires that will give her fulfillment.

What is a Wife’s Role in a Marriage?
A wife’s role is to be a lover, a partner and a friend to her husband. As a wife she is also to be his number one supporter and encourage. Lastly, a wife’s role is to help her husband pursue and obtain whatever achievements he envisions that will give him fulfillment.

The theme for this year is “Becoming Agents of Change”. What is an Agent of Change? An Agent - is a person that acts or has the power to act.
Change – is to become different, or make something or somebody different.

To Become Agents of Change couples or individuals must believe that with God’s help, and the right tools and training; they can make a difference. Couples must also believe that both they and their marriage will be different/better. 

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