Mighty Men of Valor

“A man whom becomes wise to what God says about who he is; what he can have; and what he can do; develops the faith
and will to be, to have and to achieve more than he ever imagined possible. {M.M.O.V}. goals are to train and equip (disciple)
men to be spiritual Leaders in their families, church, and community. By:

1. Teaching men their God given value as a man, a husband and a father. And teaching them godly principles that builds
character and creates success.

2. Teaching men communication skills; how to communicate more effectively, especially with a girlfriend/fiancee, wife, etc,.

3. Teaching men conflict resolution skills and how to identify and overcome destructive patterns and behaviors.

4. Teaching men how to be the [righteous] head [leader] of their families as instructed by God.

5. Teaching men how to set goals and develop strategic plans to achieve them.

6. Teaching men how to help their family set goals and realize their potential.Mighty Men of Valor Events.

Mighty Men Of Valor Task Of Volunteers

i. (M.M.O.V.) team members serves as mentors for our youth outreach program called: “Males-to-Men”; which is a mentoring program
for young men. Mentorship is crucial in teaching young men the importance of having”godly values” and “discovering their identity”.

ii. Mentors teach young men godly principles that builds character and integrity that leads to success in life.

iii. Mentors instruct young men in relationship building and conflict resolution skills.

iv. Mentors oversee various events such as: breakfast and barbecue fellowships; exercise regiments, games, and sports activities.

v. (M.M.O.V.) team members are responsible for helping in the maintenance of the church building and various other properties.