Testimony; Paulette Scott



My family and I have been blessed beyond measure since becoming members of Faith Clinic Church. Dr. Simpson truly teaches and preaches the Word of God with passion, fervor and enthusiasm. I have never attended a service, seminar, or meeting where I have not left with a greater level of faith, revelation and understanding of God’s Word as well as His Will. When Dr. Simpson speaks, you know it is God speaking directly to us through our man of God! He has so much wisdom and insight into the Word of God and he relentlessly spends hours in the face of God for a Word for us.

Dr. Simpson truly exhibits the Jeremiah 3:15 pastor, for God says He will “give us pastors after His own heart who will feed us with knowledge and understanding”. Our Pastors not only teach and preach the Word of God, but their lives display it. They not only “talk the talk”, but they “walk the walk” in every area. Blessings, Favor and Increase follow them wherever they go.

My family and I have experienced the supernatural life of favor, blessings and increase; healing and wholeness as a result of applying the biblical principles and the Word of God in our lives. One of the greatest blessings that I have experienced as being a part of Faith Clinic Church is that of having all three of my children grow up in a Word Church and seeing the fruits of this ministry in their lives. They are spiritually strong young people who love God.

Pastor Pat exemplifies the epitome of a Proverbs 31 woman; strong, bold, faithful and God-fearing with a powerful spirit of intercession like I had never experienced before. Dr. Simpson and Pastor Pat are a beautiful couple with a powerful anointing on their lives. They work beautifully as a team to bring about God’s Word and to help each member to reach their potential spiritually, financially, physically, and relationally. I thank God daily for both of them and their children. We are so thankful that God placed us here at Faith Clinic Church! We are one blessed family!

In serving in the ministry of Faith Clinic Church; Dr. Simpson told us from the beginning that “we would go places we never thought we would go and do things we never thought we would do”. I am a living example of those very words. The teaching, training and development that I have personally received from both of our Pastors has brought me out of my comfort zone and I am now “doing those things that I truly never saw myself doing”. I now have a “limitless possibilities mindset”! As it has been said; “when the student is ready the teacher will appear”. I praise God for these two teachers!


I am a Spirit-filled, Faith-filled Woman of God thanks to Dr. Lee A. Simpson and Pastor Pat Simpson! Our God is an Awesome God! Thank You Jesus!